Founded in  Valdivia,  Chile,  SiempreBerries  crafts  herbal  infusions  and  teas  from  native  Valdivian Forest berries. SiembreBerries is our response to the growing interest of consumers to find healthy food choices, such as the multiple scientifically-proven benefits of berries.


We personally select and slow-dry sustainbly harvest berries and native edible plants such as Murta(Ugni molinae),Maqui (Aristotelia chilensis), Arrayán (Luma apiculata) and Canelo (Drimys winteri),while also incorporating innovative products, such as Goldenberry and organic cocoa husks. All our products are 100% Natural and free of any additives or preservatives.


We are from Valdivia and thus concerned about the wellbeing of local communities.Therefore, wehave  created  a  collaborative  network  and  local  ties,  always  concerned  about  establishing  a  fair trade, as  well as  a  production  and  gathering  respectful  and  friendly to  the  environment.All  the ingredients in our products have been produced on our own farm or purchased from small farmers and foragers on the Valdivian coast.


We invite you to taste and enjoy our infusions and tea.

Karin Hoffens Wenzel

Agricultural Engineer, Doctor of Agricultural Science

General Manager

SiempreBerries Ltda.